Bleeding Hypocrite

I haven’t given blood in over 3 years, now let me tell you why you need to give blood.

First: only 37% of the population can give blood. The rest of you live super interesting lives that travel to exotic destinations that have beautiful rainforests or recent ebola outbreaks. Or you take certain types of drugs or have been exposed to Mad Cow disease or something crazy like that. I have led a pretty straight and narrow path throughout my life and only traveled out of country once when I was three, to Canada, so I am exactly who the Red Cross needs.

Plus I’m an O type, with is widely accepted. (It’s always nice to feel needed)

And today the nice, very old volunteer at the receiving desk tells me I’m a “baby donor”. After a brief, yet slightly terrifying, reminder of The Handmaid’s Tale, I find out that means I have “special stuff” (old lady’s words) that make my blood safe to give to babies and newborns. That’s right. I save baby lives. I am a super hero.

Now, while my lack of modesty may slightly be affected by my lack of following instructions to avoid alcohol, I still am left feeling that there are many of you who could give blood but don’t.

Do you realize how many people simply can’t give give blood? (That would be 63%) Now add to that those you (cough, wimps!) who are afraid of needles. The Red Cross needs people of all ages to donate. Seriously. There is nothing but the senior crowd when I go to donate (and admittedly yes, it has been quite some time between donations). Let’s show those old “whippersnappers” we care about life. That we can give up a lunch hour (and a half) to bleed a bit, even if that means getting poked like four times cause your veins are stubbornly shy (speaking from experience).

Plus, a very nice lady will give you orange juice AND coffee while you snack on Pecan Sandies when you’re done. And an old man will tell you about the Christian book he’s reading while the volunteer ladies do their needle-point. And they’ll call you young and other wonderful things.

Thank you for listening, er…reading. Now off my soap box I get.



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