2014 – New Year Knitting Goals

I am feeling ambitious. Maybe it’s because I’ve been getting a full-night’s sleep thanks to the tasmanian toddler getting used to a sleep schedule, or the fact that I got all my Christmas knitting done BEFORE Christmas or perhaps because I’m warmed by a glass of lovely Franzia Carbornet Sauvignon. In any case, I have a list I know is daunting. But what are goals for if not to push yourself?

So here we have it, my 14 knitting goals for 2014:

  1. Create/post my own design
  2. 2 shawls
  3. Learn 3 new techniques (ex. Double knitting, steeking, provisional cast-on)
  4. 4 sweaters (adult & kid sizes)
  5. 5 KALs (Knit-a-longs)
  6. 6 Paid patterns (I am such a cheapskate thrifty)
  7. 7 things for the tasmanian toddler
  8. Go to at least 8 places in the Central Kansas Yarn Hop
  9. Enter 9 Ravelry Group Giveaways
  10. 10 Kansas State Fair entries
  11. 11 holiday ornaments
  12. Make & give 12 knitted gifts
  13. Knit 13 items using stash yarn
  14. 14 pairs of socks

What makes this do-able is that some projects will work for multiple goals. Like the sweater I am working on for my husband will use up stash yarn and may be a State Fair entry. Oh, and I already have 1 and a half pair of socks done. Since they won’t be given to their recipients (my parent) until next month, I am counting them towards my 2014 goals. Besides, considering it took 6 weeks to finish my last pair of socks, I figured I needed a head start to accomplish 14 in one year.

Husband’s new socks (aka the 6-week socks) – his favorite Christmas gift!


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