There Will Be Crying

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and look at the internet tabs you’ve left open? It can be pretty revealing, especially if you’re like me and leave as many as a dozen open to read later, or have trouble admitting that it’s time to tackle a growing problem.

My problem? Well, I’ll let the tabs speak for themselves:

  • Ravelry (it’s a social media site for crafty yarn types)
  • Wichita Public Library (checking out childrens’ books with a yarn theme!)
  • How To Cry It Out, blog article
  • Baby Sleep,  a Google+ discussion
  • Article – What You Need to Know About Sleeping Through the Night, part 3

if you guessed I have a yarn problem, you’re wrong (I swear, I can quit at any time). No, instead I’ve got a sleeping problem. A baby who has become dependant upon falling asleep in my arms.

This didn’t become a problem until about month 8. He was such a great, independant sleeper before then. I could see the jealousy in other mothers’ eyes as I talked of my baby going 10 or 11 hours through the night. Well, karma bit back. I just resigned myself to the constant wake-ups. As a working mom, this actually doubled the amount of time I could spend with my child on weekdays.

Bur now as my “little” one tips the scales at 24 pounds & 30 inches tall, he doesn’t fit in my lap as well. Plus he’s taken up some odd sleeping positions, which when he attempts while in my lap is guaranteed to wake him up.

So, I do what any over-analyzer would do in my position. I made a plan. Following the advice of many, many (many) articles of moms who have been there themselves, as well as advice from the very kind amd helpful moms in my real life (thanks Rebecca!), here is my battle plan.

New bedtime routine

7:45 – commence our nightly pick-em-up game where we gather all the toys to put in a basket

7:50 – milk
8:00 – bath
8:10 – nursery playtime and sing songs (dim lights & start playing rain sound)
8:20 – put him in crib and read books
8:30 – leave nursery, retreat to secluded, soundproof bunker (aka the basement family room) while leaving my husband to supervise that baby stays safe while I stay underground