I Have A Missing Shoe

That’s right. I have a missing shoe.  And I have a newly-walking toddler. So that shoe could be anywhere. ANYWHERE. And what makes this more tragically comedic is that I am trying to heal a broken toe. So that means I only have 1 pair of flat shoes that I can wear that are not tennis shoes. But this week I thought I’d graduate to a pair of kitten heels, pehaps a mere half-inch tall. I don’t even like these shoes. These were a begrudging purchase over a year ago when I was very pregnant and apparently carrying my baby in my ankles. 

Anyway, back to the shoe mystery. I should just give up the search now. You see, my son loves to put things “away”. Just today I narrowly stopped him from putting a tube of OralGel into his Diaper Genie, his father found a mega block in his work boot, and daily we find random toys or socks in the kitchen that have been thrown over the baby gate.

Yesterday I watched him dilligently remove four packages of baby wipes from an open drawer in his nursery and, one-by-one, deposit them in his hamper. Being that his hamper is on wheels, he is frequently rolling it out into the livingroom. And then I am frequently finding various toys and books inside. Once I found my husband’s iPhone in the hamper.


Oh, and I should mention he loves shoes. My shoes, his dad’s shoes and even his own pair that once on his feet makes him pout. So the odds are against me, to say the least.

I don’t know if this is just a quirk of his personality or if perhaps all children are inclined to do at this age. All I know is that when every night we play the pick-em-up game of putting his toys in a basket, his put-away skills are nowhere to be found.

I think this must be part of the initiation into parenting a toddler.


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