Weird Knit Wednesday: Evil on the Shelf

So, I am not a fan of the Elf on the Shelf. It strikes me as being a bit deceitful and manipulative. Also, the whole thing reminds me of Chucky, which more than a little creeps me out.

That being said, I have only a 1 year-old in my house. There is not much in the way of trickery that can stop him from misbehaving (which these days include cat tail tugging and people biting – ah, the joy teething). So I cannot fathom what parents of older children are dealing with (other than hopefully less bite marks). So I do not judge you with your elves on the shelves. 

Somehow I got to wondering if some crafty knitter or two developed patterns of sweaters or pants or whatever for these creepy little elves. I was quite surprised to see my search on Ravelry come up empty.

Well, nearly empty. Instead of doll clothes I found a pattern to make the elf himself (which, by the way, is an awesome rhyme!). 


The creator of this Shelf Elf went above and beyond in her pictures, showing this little guy in his most mischievous glory!



I think this little guy is awesome! I’m always a proponent of making things for yourself when possible and money-saving. But again, I have yet to find something actually KNITTED for this Weird Knit Wednesday. Are crocheters just wackier than us knitters?

There are a couple more great images from this very creative crafter if you check out her page on Ravelry.



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